One step ahead in the future of retail.

SHOPMAP is an application customized to fit your brand, that offers your customers a whole new shopping experience. We modify all the features to meet your specific requirements. As a retailer, you gain insights into data, which are relevant to sales and marketing so that you can utilize your resources deliberately.

Cross- & Upselling

SHOPMAP communicates quick and easy detailed product descriptions as well as recommendations to similar products.

Innovative self-checkout

The innovative self-checkout system offers new possibilities to reduce resources.

Individual push notifications

Customers receive a personal push notification about context-aware information, for example, special offers or deals.

Strengthen customer loyalty

SHOPMAP communicates specific loyalty programs which strengthens customer loyalty.

Analytics & management Cockpit

SHOPMAP offers a management cockpit which analyzes and evaluates data that is relevant to management, for example, the flow of customers or user behavior. These gained insights can be used to personalize recommendations for your customer. Information from the search function helps to identify which products are trending. Therefore, more specific marketing strategies can be derived from this data.

Connection to your systems

Because of predefined interfaces within the management cockpit, connecting to your existing systems is done efficiently and straightforward. The management cockpit retrieves data from your provided databases and merchandise management systems so that the app functions without problems at each moment.