With mobile self-checkout, your customer scans their products while shopping. They are put into a digital shopping cart, where the customer has an overview of what he is buying. Current deals and price reductions are taken into account. Your customers can then pay via smartphone and leave the store without needing to wait in line at the checkout register.


The barcode of the product is scanned directly with the smartphone, and the product is saved into the digital shopping cart of the application.

Scanning of digital price tags through NFC technology is likewise possible, which make the process even more convenient.

By cooperating with the market leader of digital price tags SES-IMAGOTAG, SHOPMAP supports this technology at almost all locations where those price tags are already in use. No additional expenditure needed.

Digital cart

Through the digital shopping cart, the user can manage their purchase efficiently. Current deals, sales, vouchers and similar price reductions can be redeemed here.

After all the products are scanned, the customer pays directly within the app using secure payment methods.

Payment methods

The SHOPMAP self-checkout offers easy and straightforward payment directly with the smartphone.

Because of our close cooperation with the payment service provider wirecard, the payment process for mobile devices is optimized. Therefore, the app supports all standard payment methods like credit cards, payment via SOFORTbanking or PayPal.

With the secure storage of payment information, it is possible for the user to complete their future purchase with one click.

Digital receipt

After payment, the app automatically creates a digital invoice, that can be used to verify the user's purchase.

The digital invoice has the advantages of making payment more easier and reduces unnecessary waste of paper, that helps to contribute to the environment.

Also, SHOPMAP accustoms self-checkout and payment to your branch.