One step ahead in the future of retail.

Shopping is more than just browsing through the store. With SHOPMAP you can reach out to your customers anywhere and anytime – from product search up to the payment process.

The Checkout Assistant at a glance.

Live overview

With the live overview, your employees have a detailed summary of all purchases of the current location.

Age verification

For products with age restriction, a prior checking is provided to control the customer's age before purchase.

Checkout control

You have complete control over checking all purchases or if spot checks are sufficient.

AI-powered Smart Suggest

The Checkout Assistant supports your employees by suggesting customers for a spot.

The Checkout Assistant at a glance.

Greater insight for your employees Our solution to minimize theft keeps your employees in control of everything.

Maximum security

Theft prevention: minimal risk – maximal efficiency

The SHOPMAP Checkout Assistant gives your employees an overview of all purchases at one location. The Android app is simple and straightforward in its design so that almost no training expenditure of your employees is necessary. Of course, we will provide you with videos that explain the functionality of each feature.

You can decide if all customers should be checked after their purchase or if spot checks are enough. When performing spot checks, our Smart Suggestion algorithm supports your employees by suggesting individual customers to be controlled.

This ensures that regular customers are only checked in certain intervals and risk groups are inspected at every purchase.

Age verification

No alcohol under the age of 16. No liquor under the age of 18. With the SHOPMAP Checkout Assistant no problem.

The SHOPMAP age verification tool ensures that age-restricted products are not sold to underage customers. If a customer wants to buy a product that requires age verification, he will be notified to reach out to one of your employees. Only after verification of the customer's age through an employee, he can proceed to the payment process.

Your perfect system for all purposes SHOPMAP can be integrated and adapted perfectly to your existing systems – including numerous analysis and management tools.

Analytics & management Cockpit

These gained insights can be used to personalize recommendations for your customer. Information from the search function helps to identify which products are trending. Therefore, more specific marketing strategies can be derived from this data.

Connection to your systems

Because of predefined interfaces within the management cockpit, connecting to your existing systems is done efficiently and straightforward. The management cockpit retrieves data from your provided databases and merchandise management systems so that the app functions smoothly. This ensures that current prices and product information can be shown at all times.