SHOPMAP connects traditional retail with digital innovation.

SHOPMAP helps retail to enter into the digital age. No more standing in line at the checkout, indoor navigation takes care of searching for products, and easy payment through your mobile phone. The customer takes in a interactiv and innovative shopping experience.

SHOPMAP is a white label product, that is customized to fit your brand. SHOPMAP has many usages for example in retail, shopping centers, museums, airports and public buildings. The features of SHOPMAP are customizable to fit your specific needs based on your location. Functional features like indoor navigation and established payment methods directly through the smartphone ensure an innovative and interactive shopping experience.

SHOPMAP for retail

Develop with us as a team your package that meets your requirements. Integrate mobile self-checkout with secure payment methods, the search of products or store navigation within your app for an end-to-end shopping experience in your stores.

Please check out our brochure for further details.

SHOPMAP in shopping malls & public buildings

With SHOPMAP your services become more exciting than ever. The search function and indoor navigation help to find what your visitor is searching. The mobile application makes standard procedures interactive and offers your customers a whole new and innovative experience.

Please check out our brochure for further details.

SHOPMAP use cases

While shopping the SHOPMAP app guides your customer from their shopping list right up to checkout. The customer can then pay directly through the app without having to stand at the register. The digital shopping list ensures that the customer doesn't forget anything on their way out and allows them to plan their shopping ahead.

The innovative indoor positioning simplifies searching within shopping malls and public buildings. From stores, offices right up to specific products and even the restrooms, the customer knows his exact position and how he can get to his destination quick and easy.

In our flyer you can find more about the use cases.

Mobile self-checkout

The integrated SHOPMAP self-checkout give users the opportunity to pay easy and comfortable. The customer scans the products and can immediately pay through the app using secure payment methods. No more waiting at the checkout line and no overcrowded registers.

Here you can find the mobile self checkout site.