Shopping reinvented.

Forgot your shopping list, searching through the aisles, standing in line at the checkout? With SHOPMAP that's history!

SHOPMAP is a white-label solution that is customized to fit your brand. From indoor navigation to new analyzing tools, SHOPMAP offers a wide variety of features. The best part: your customers use the app directly on their smartphone.

SHOPMAP VIDEO The video gives you an overview of all the advantages of SHOPMAP.

SHOPMAP at a glance

SHOPMAP is more than just an app – it's a complex and flexible system that is made from multiple components. However, complex doesn't mean complicated.

Mobile self-checkout

Scan your products. Pay directly with your smartphone. Receive your digital invoice directly on your phone. Shopping: done.

SHOPMAP self-checkout allows comfortable and convenient payment through the app. The customer scans the products and pays for them via smartphone with all standard payment methods – no more standing in line at the checkout.


Indoor Navigation

SHOPMAP is also designed for shopping malls and public building. This allows for closer interaction with your customers.

With SHOPMAP your services become more exciting than ever, and customer satisfaction rises. The search function and indoor navigation help your customers to find what they are looking for. At the same time, your customers receive personalized notifications about current deals and offers. The app turns usual routines into an interactive and innovative experience for your customers.


Click & Collect

Do your shopping from home or on the move.

With Shopmap Click & Collect your customers can select and pay products in the app whether on the move or from home. When customers collect their purchase in the store, they show the digital receipt and can take their products home.